Use the following script to get the structure description of a specific table:

SELECT AS [Name], AS [DataType],
ISNULL(, N'') AS [SystemType],
CAST(CASE WHEN IN (N'nchar', N'nvarchar') AND clmns.max_length <> -1 THEN clmns.max_length/2 ELSE clmns.max_length END AS int) AS [Length],
CAST(clmns.precision AS int) AS [NumericPrecision]
FROM sys.tables AS tbl
INNER JOIN sys.all_columns AS clmns ON clmns.object_id = tbl.object_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.types AS usrt ON usrt.user_type_id = clmns.user_type_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.types AS baset ON baset.user_type_id = clmns.system_type_id and
baset.user_type_id = baset.system_type_id
WHERE'YOURTABLENAME' and SCHEMA_NAME(tbl.schema_id)=N'dbo'
ORDER BY clmns.column_id ASC

The source of the script is: